2011 Foals Page


2011 foal count:

colts-4, fillies-8

Dun-3, Dunskin-5, Buckskin-1, Bay-2

Sun Colors Ranch Produced Foals:

AQHA Incentive Fund, Dunskin Colt, born 1/30/11

Registered Name: All Star Formula

Barn Name: Spanky


SBR Formula One X Im A Cowledge Star

(for more info on dam see link at top of page to SCR mares page)(




3 weeks old above.

10 weeks old above.


14 weeks old above.

young 2yo bleow



APHA / AQHA Incentive Fund, Dun Filly, born 2/22/11

Registered Name: Destined Formula

Barn Name: Destiny


SBR Formula One X Chexy Gold N Smart

(for more info on dam see link at top of page to SCR mares page)(



5 days old.


2 weeks old above.


11 weeks old above.

coming 2yo below


3yo below


AQHA Appendix, Incentive Fund, Bay Colt, born 3/14/11

Registered Name: High Octane Formula

Barn Name: Cruise


SBR Formula One X Galupper

(for more info on dam see link at top of page to SCR mares page)(

By 10 months old this colt was already 14.2!



2 weeks old.

3 weeks old.

8 weeks old above.



Check out my cute face and muscle butt!! 2.5 months old above

2.5 months old above




Foals Prouced By Outside Mares:


"Peppi" Dun colt out of Onjoli Likesdiamonds - few days old:


5 weeks old:


“In February of 2011 we had our first Buckwheat (SBR Formula One) Baby a beautiful Bay Dun Colt. He has proven time and time again the more he is challenged he will meet and exceed every one. As a weanling he was in the top five at Buckskin Congress for his first show and as a yearling he has been exceptional at showmanship patterns. He willingly crosses creeks, bridges, and walks over mattresses and tarps (the more the challenge the better). In the pasture he works his exercise ball around like a professional soccer player - his gates are fluid and he is quick on his feet! My neighbors and passing vehicles have stopped to watch him and are amazed at his athleticism! First time lunging he was a dream and willingly accepted saddling and bridling. He has an amazing personality and LOVES attention. He greets everyone who walks by at the fence line and is the first to come up from the pasture. We look forward to showing him again this year as a 2 year old and many years to come. Thank you Sun Colors Ranch!” ~ The Prins Family / Rockside Stables Holland, Michigan




Dunskin filly named Docs Gold Formula out of Docs Lady Gold- 2 weeks old:

1 month old:


as a young yearling left, long yearling on right:


Message from Mare/Foal Owner:

Dear Jessica,
I wanted to sincerely thank you again for the opportunity to breed my mare, Docs Lady Gold, to SBR Formula One. My dunskin filly, “Docs Gold Formula” aka “Reno”, is just shy of 6 months old. She has been such a delight to work with, as is common with most “Buckwheat” babies. I consistently get complimented on what a sound-minded foal she is, with superb conformation, color, and very distinguishable dun factor. She was completely halter broke within her first few experiences of being led, and has demonstrated to be a very quick learner. “Reno” is extremely inquisitive and friendly, yet gentle and respectful, which is everything I look for and more in a superior foal. The farrier also noted on how well-mannered she stood, lifting each foot politely for her first trimming.
It truly goes to show what two very well-bred and wonderfully composed horses can create in their offspring. “Reno” has proven to be a very promising young prospect, and I cannot wait to see what this little filly and I will accomplish in our lifetime. Your stud is truly worth his weight in gold and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone seriously considering breeding a quality mare to for an outstanding foal.
Finally, aside from the horses, you two ladies have been completely exceptional during the breeding process, from answering all my questions quickly, letting me preview “Buckwheat” during one of his showings, to setting up collection times to ensure the most optimistic outcome. You have made breeding my mare an incredibly positive experience in which I have left with more than a new foal, but with two more wonderful friends in my life.
Thank you again, Amy Brandenburg Owner of “Docs Gold Formula”




Buckskin filly out of Shiny Leo Lynn - 3 weeks old:







"Hi Jess / Sun Colors Ranch,
Raising my 2010 Buckwheat baby, Buckwheat's Golden Girl, aka "Ayla" has been a total pleasure. She is so smart and even tempered, training has been a breeze, not to mention how gorgeous she is. Whether trailering, ponying, trimming, or ground work, she picks it up effortlessly. No struggles and I'm all smiles at the end of a session. The first time she went in with cows, she sorted the entire herd on her own! Looking forward to a lifetime of fun with her. Thank you for my unexpected treasure."
~ Deborah Trotta




Dunskin or dun filly out of Hollywood Report - newborn:




Dunskin filly out of Rowdys Dream Watch - 6 months old:





"I have a coming 2 year old filly out of SBR Formula One.  Her name is "Dialled In" or Dani as we call her.  I have been in the horse business as far as training showing and breeding for over 20 years.  Let me tell you her disposition is outstanding!  I can not ask for a better temperament in a young horse.  She is quiet and willing.  I have not started her under saddle yet, but when I do I don't think she will give me much of a fuss.  her conformation is spot on also.  I just love my SBR Formula One filly.  I got just what I wanted when I crossed my mare to him.  DISPOSTITION, CONFORMATION AND COLOR!"

~ Beth from Iowa




Bay tobiano colt out of QTS Fancy Britches - 2.5 weeks old:


as 2yo below




Filly out of Jettin Wego Jayne - newborn:




Filly out of Shesa Bita Awesome (as of 2012 SCR owns this mare) - newborn (pearl, dun or dunskin, overo):


Same filly above at 4 months old 


As a 2yo below




Dunskin filly name WhatPrettyLooks Like out of Crystals Casual Rose  owned by Leannah Donaldson:



Below at just 2 months old!

Below at just 8 months old


Below as a yearling



Below as almost 2 year old with 30-days under saddle and more pictures

and video clips on the Facebook Page


Thank you to all the great mares and mare owners.



The best place to see regularly updated pictures and info on

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